How Does Yertunes Work? allows Apple iTunes users to create reports about their music usage. Reports include the ability to see who you most popular artist is, your most popular songs, and much more.

In order to do this you will need to upload your iTunes database to our website. When it is uploaded, the website will process the iTunes data and put it in a format for you to easily read with the many reports we have available.


Step by step on how to use Yertunes


Register with us

Registering is easy and free. All you need is to supply your name and email address. An email will be sent to you for you to confirm your address.


Login to the app

Once you have confirmed your email address after Registering, you can Login to the App.


Upload your XML

One Logged in you will see an empty page. This is where you need to upload your XML iTunes database.


Share your reports

The Reports are exportable to Excel and PDF. You can share them in our forum or with your friends.


The .ITL file that is the actual database file is not what you are going to upload. You need to upload the XML of the database. iTunes will sometimes create this for you, but to do it yourself here are the steps:

Check under Edit > Preferences > Advanced to see if Share iTunes Library XML is enabled.

Typically this folder is called iTunes Media, and artist folders go into a separate folder inside that called Music. Use Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Share iTunes Library XML if you want the XML file to be created/updated.

If there are issues with the XML not being updated, try deleting the XML file in the iTunes folder (make a backup first if you wish), then turn the option to share the XML off, close the preferences dialog, then turn back on again and see if it behaves.

Failing that you can use File > Library > Export Library to make a new XML file with the current information about your library.

To upload the XML file you need to find it to upload it.

For Windows Users:


For Macintosh Users:

/Music/iTunes/ and /Music/iTunes/iTunes/

Some Additional Info:

I wish to give credit to Alex King for his reports that are the basis of Yertunes default reports.

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We look forward to seeing your favourite music.

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